Sheehan Watch, Pt 3

After reading Paul Sheehan’s column today, readers would probably not come away knowing the fact that less than 1% of Pakistani students attend a madrassa.

(Part 1, Part 2)

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2 Responses to Sheehan Watch, Pt 3

  1. mike says:

    There is nothing so convincing as a well researched article. Strong on fact and short on opinion.

    I wonder if there is any research done to see if there is correlation between people who attend sunday school and those who launch violent attachs on abortion clinics and their staff.

    Peter Burgen of the New York Times has an interesting if not differing opinion to the esteemed Mr Sheehan…

    Oh look some factual content.

  2. Steve Edney says:

    Of course 1% in an under 15 population of around 50 million is a lot of kids attending the schools.

    As we have seen though the terrorists in the west are mostly not these types as mikes article shows. They where probably much more important however in fuelling the footsoldiers for the Taliban etc.

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