Why Don't We Call It "The Sydney Shandy"?

From the SMH:

Respondents were asked whether they were "very comfortable, mildly comfortable, mildly uncomfortable or very uncomfortable with drinking recycled sewage, including toilet water, that is treated to drinking-water quality". Only 12 per cent said they were very comfortable, and a further 17 per cent were mildly comfortable. Sixty-eight per cent were uncomfortable.

But respondents were more open to drinking recycled water if it was mixed with rainwater in Warragamba Dam. Some 48 per cent supported the "shandying" option, while only 44 per cent opposed. Six per cent neither opposed nor supported the option, and 2 per cent said they were unsure.

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2 Responses to Why Don't We Call It "The Sydney Shandy"?

  1. When I lived at Maroubra, the tide would occasionly bring up the “gifts” from Malabar; swimming in the ocean was like slithering through the used grease bucket of the local Hamburger Shop. Hopefully the “Sydney Shandy” has a good bouquet and low viscosity.

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Very nice. Reminds me of the time some decades ago that Prince Charles, swimming in Bondi, came face-to-face with a Sydney sausage.

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