Riding the Boston Subway

The number of warnings on the Boston subway at present is extraordinary. At least once a minute, a voice comes on the loudspeaker, urging commuters to report suspicious packages, make sure you take your belongings with you, and speak up if you see something out of place. Everyone here seems inured to it, but it certainly creates a different atmosphere from the "welcome to our city/no littering please/this train stops at" messages that are the standard fare for subway announcers in most others places.

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  1. The highways now have prominent signs, which stretch the width of the road that have messages such as, “Terrorism watch. Report suspicious ….. blah blah blah”. I95 has them, as does Rt695 and the Delaware Memorial bridge.

    Government is over-reacting, and there doesnt seem to be a way to stop the government and media hysteria.

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