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The Keating Camp Responds

Following John Lyons’ dump on Paul Keating in the Bulletin last week, Mark Ryan has responded on behalf of the PJK camp: Casual readers of John Lyons’ article on Paul Keating might not recognise it, but those of us familiar … Continue reading

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Would an Intelligent Designer Create the Intelligent Designers?

Daniel Dennett has a beaut piece in the NYT debunking the latest evolution of the creationist movement, the notion of so-called "intelligent design". Full text over the fold.

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Should the ACCC Break up the NSW Right?

There’s a bit of a debate now in the Labor Party over whether factions have any ideological ties, or are merely competing executive placement agencies. Frequently, factions have broken into fractions – sub-units which are even less likely to be … Continue reading

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When Rational Students Choose Not to Study Rational Models

A puzzle in recent years has been the decision of so many Australian undergraduates to flock to business degrees in favour of economics degrees (one quarter of undergraduates are now studying business). This is despite Australian research by the University … Continue reading

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The Day "Yes, but" Became "No"

A colleague points out the oddity of the current dispute between economic modellers NATSEM and the federal government. NATSEM have shown that the changes announced in the budget will reduce payments to single parents. The government’s response is "no, if … Continue reading

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Equality of Opportunity Starts Early

A neat rundown on new initiatives for universal pre-kindergarten, put together by the Democratic Leadership Council/Progressive Policy Institute, a Washington DC thinktank that’s on the rightish-side-of-the-left. Children who attend high-quality preschool programs that prepare them to read and build cognitive, … Continue reading

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Not Child's Play

Calls to prevent imports of product made with child labour often assume that a ban is the best way of reducing the incidence of child labour. But a new paper by Dirk Krueger (U.Penn) and Jessica Donohue (State St Associates) … Continue reading

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