The White Stuff

I love being back in Australia, but one of the things I miss about Boston is the snow – the tinge of it on your face, the sharp smell of the air when it’s about to snow, and the squeaky crunch underfoot. We didn’t get all of that when it snowed in Canberra yesterday (ours melted when it hit the ground, unlike Victoria’s). But it was enough for me to stop a cost-benefit lecture mid-sentence and get everyone to look out the window.

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2 Responses to The White Stuff

  1. Ugh, snow. I hate the stuff. I moved from New Jersey to Virginia to get away from the snow and the cold. In Virginia it rarely lasts on the ground for more than a day. If I had my way I would be living in Arizona, but my wife likes the snow too, so Virginia is a compromise.

  2. btw, here is a pic of Boxing Matilda flying off the front of my house in Virginia and covered in ice and snow;

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