School Fees in Reverse

With Indigenous educational levels far below non-Indigenous levels, why don’t we consider paying Indigenous children a daily allowance to attend school? Keeping people in school until they reach 15 or 16 raises their lifetime earnings, but according to one report, 60.6% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students leave school aged 16 or younger. So it might well be the case that paying Indigenous students to stay in school would actually be cheaper for the government than the possibility of paying welfare later in life.

But the better argument is that government policies have utterly failed over the past 100 years to bring Indigenous living standards up to the level of non-Indigenous living standards, and we ought to be open to trying something new – even if it involves paying benefits that non-Indigenous students don’t receive.

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  1. Guy says:

    Seems like a reasonable idea to me. We’d sooner see hell freeze over than the current federal government embracing the idea though, I’d reckon.

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