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Discriminating Employers Prefer…

How much do employers discriminate on the basis of race and gender? One of the problems of answering this question is that productive ability may vary by race and gender. For example, the gender pay gap in Australia is larger … Continue reading

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I was quite chuffed to see the teacher quality paper that Sara Mead and I wrote for the Progressive Policy Institute being cited by New York City education officials this week.

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Bloggers Bloggers Everywhere

A NYT editorial points out that if the blogosphere continues to expand at its current rate, every Internet user will soon be a blogger. The story theme "If small thing continues to expand at its current rate, it will shortly … Continue reading

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Prefabricated Phrases Bolted Together

John Howard visited Tumby Bay yesterday. This from a typical paragraph in his speech: And in the few moments that I’ve had already to talk to people, and after this short speech I want to meet as many of you … Continue reading

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Teaching the Teachers

The NYT has a terrific piece on teacher education in the US (full text over the fold), which mentions an important study of teacher education curricula, carried out by David Steiner and Susan Rozen. I’ve been trying to tempt various … Continue reading

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It’s a day of threes for me today. Being the 3rd of the month, I’m now the ripe age of 33. It’d be perfect if not for the fact that I also have to teach a 3-hour class this afternoon….

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The Bet-er Election Predictor

Psephological blogger Bryan Palmer has done a splendid job of compiling betting market odds for the 2007 federal election, showing that the betting markets currently rate the Coalition about a 60% chance to win the next election. On the Liberal … Continue reading

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What I've Been Reading

There’s nothing quite like a long plane flight to get through a few books. Here’s my haul from a trip to Boston last week. Christopher Hitchens’ bio of Thomas Jefferson is superb. Hitchens is clearly a huge Jefferson fan, but … Continue reading

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Get Up!

My Imagining Australia coauthor David Madden, along with the ever-energetic Jeremy Heimans, have started GetUp!, a lobbying organisation aimed at keeping the Coalition accountable after they win control of the Senate. Their board includes Evan Thornley and John Hewson (I’m … Continue reading

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