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Sacred Cows 1, Beazley 1

Two much-cherished principles among many on the left are that school choice will hurt the poor, and that HECS deters poor students. In his speech to the ANZSOG schools conference, Labor leader Kim Beazley yesterday took on the first. As … Continue reading

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The Anti-Latham

For non-Melbournians, don’t miss Dennis Glover’s antidote to Mark Latham’s Melbourne University speech. Dennis’s column in The Age today is entitled "Ten reasons why politics can be great".

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Teacher Quality and Quality Teaching

I spoke this morning in Sydney at the ANZSOG schools conference*, alongside Bill Louden (Edith Cowan Uni) and Ken Rowe (ACER). By the end, we were in furious agreement about the importance of teacher quality in improving educational outcomes. Except … Continue reading

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The Peter Saunders Wars

I’ve just finished reading a book by the left-wing Peter Saunders, entitled The Poverty Wars. Much of it is a critique of the right-wing Peter Saunders, which as the author mentions at the outset has caused them both frustration.* He … Continue reading

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A Suitable Book

I finished Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy on the weekend, only a decade after everyone else. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but when I got to the end of this 1500-page tome, I … Continue reading

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Fels Firms

Our very own Allan Fels has firmed to a 69% chance of winning the top job at the OECD, according to NewsFutures. The member nations are expected to pick a Secretary-General by 1 December 2005.

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I spent yesterday at the Australian Conference of Economists, aptly* held at the University of Melbourne. In a session organised by Tim Fry and Sinclair Davidson, Sinclair presented a paper of theirs on trust and the 2004 election, and I … Continue reading

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