Polemic v Policy

Amidst the sound and fury of the Latham diaries, Craig Emerson, Bob McMullan and Lindsay Tanner have released another trio of "Progressive Essays" with Dave Peebles discussing Labor’s marketing plan, former US Ambassador Don Russell making what sounds like a pretty sensible proposal to give Indigenous Australians de juru mining rights, and Nicholas Gruen proposing a rise in the default superannuation contribution rate. As Nicholas acknowledges, the idea isn’t new – we even proposed it in Imagining Australia – but he takes more time to marshall the supporting evidence. Here’s hoping Labor takes up some of these ideas.

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2 Responses to Polemic v Policy

  1. Michael says:

    For god sake stop with the stupid essays all you ALP leaders :


    These are the issues show people an easier way to get them. Once you can convince the voter you can address these issues you will win!

    Where have the Heros gone?


    A better health system for ALL Australians
    A Healhty Economy
    A Healthy Environment


    A Fair and Equitable Tax System
    Fair and Equitable Industrial Relations
    Fair and Equitable Employment Laws


    An Education System where every one who want to learn can learn. Young or Old a seat for every one.


  2. michael says:

    Where have the Heros gone ?

    I thought i should perhaps explain the above comment. Gough Whitlam came to power when I was 12 years old. I had great admiration for the man and his principles. You probably find it hard to believe that a 12 years old could relate to that sort of thing but I did.

    At school (yes it was a simple public school) some friends and I had our version of Young Labor there was even a school clique of young Liberal.

    Labor had so many Heros people with deep beliefs and a willingness to express them.

    From school I join the Labor party and became a deligate to YLA. Of all the branches I could join I ended up at Enmore branch. That will ring a big bell for some people.

    Labor used to inspire me. Labor people used to inspire me. Even the people in YLA used to insire me. they were all Heros!

    No one believes in any thing now other than winning. It is nice to win but just how far do you have to go.

    So where are all the Heros now, Who is going to inspire all the young Australians. Who will stand up and represent the workers the poor the old.

    Where have the radical lefties gone have the greenies all got old and turned Brown in their Autum years.

    Well that is my little rant for day as I lament an older more radical party that stood up for its beliefs.


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