Right, Left, North, South

The Left seems to be doing better in the southern hemisphere than the northern hemisphere this weekend. Downunder, NSW Labor held its 3 seats and Helen Clark is at least a chance of forming government in NZ. Up north, Tradesports odds on the German SDP have now fallen to 4%.

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  1. Stephen Hill says:

    It looks like SDP might just fall over the line – although another ‘Grand Coalition’ might also be another possiblity. In terms terms of political comebacks it rates up there, and since its semi-finals it sort of reminds me of that Canterbury-Parramatta game in the late 90s. Angela Merkel most have put in a Paul Carrige like performance as the CDU/CSU were twenty points in front only a matter of weeks ago. Stories of flat tax, labour reform, these must have contributed to some of the swing back to Schroder (who survived last time on an anti-Iraq stance).

    PS – From the latest figures, I think Schroder has the upper-hand. Don’t know what this means for the mooted reforms

    CDU/CSU: 35.2% (225 seats)
    SPD: 34.3% (222)
    Free Democrats: 9.8% (61)
    Left Party: 8.7% (54)
    Greens: 8.1% (51)

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