Osama and the Opel

Some things, as Donald Rumsfeld has pointed out, are unknown unknowns – we don’t know we didn’t know them until someone points it out. So it is for The Impact of 9/11 on Road Fatalities:

We find that driving fatalities increased significantly following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, an event which prompted many travelers to substitute less-safe surface transportation for safer air transportation. After controlling for time trends, weather, road conditions, and other factors, we attribute an increase of 242 driving fatalities per month to additional road travel undertaken in response to 9/11. In total, our results suggest that at least 1,200 additional driving deaths are attributable to the effect of 9/11. We also provide evidence that is consistent with the 9/11 effect on road  fatalities weakening over time as drivers return to flying. Our results show that the public response to terrorist threats can  create unintended consequences that rival the attacks themselves in severity.

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  1. John Jamieson says:

    It appears that our Rumsfeld may have known about some unknowns but choosen to ignore them in exchange for money. There is a word for that. The company manufactoring Aspartate a sweetening agent that has not been proved safe to use on humands and especially diabetics was registered under pressure from old Donald-after years of the FDA saying no way. And who was a hefty contributor to his party?

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