The Anti-Latham

For non-Melbournians, don’t miss Dennis Glover’s antidote to Mark Latham’s Melbourne University speech. Dennis’s column in The Age today is entitled "Ten reasons why politics can be great".

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3 Responses to The Anti-Latham

  1. Andrew Carr says:

    Unfourntly Dennis Glover is also the pro-Simon Crean.

    His book ‘Orwells Australia’ amounts to little more than begging that ‘Those who are moderate or left wing should stop attacking Labor… we are trying, so stop hitting us…. pretty please?’

    He’s not a bad speech writer, he certainly helped Crean on big occasions (G.W.Bush’s visit to parliament, and Creans address to the troops before Iraq) give some good sppeches, and I think Glover had some role with Latham in the early months. But otherwise he’s rather un-inspired about how to deal with the big issues in a fresh or interesting way.

    Then again Beazly is trying to convince the public that politics is a decent profession by inviting Howard to a joint press conference. Wow, dont be too bold there Kim.

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Actually, I think Kim’s idea is pretty durn sensible. It’s no magic bullet, but it would garner attention.

  3. Andrew Carr says:

    But is attention all he seeks ?

    Sure it will make the news one night. But would it change anyones mind about the state of politics ?
    Would it change any of the publics apathy ?

    And having Beazley and Howard sitting together telling the public how good the system is, would just re-enforce the (wrong) but common perception that the parties just represent two sides of the same coin. TweedleDum and Tweedledee.

    Beazley is, (despite Lathams attacks) still seen as a decent, honest politician. John Howard by comparison is not. People respect Howard, but they know he, and his party are willing to play dirty at times. Beazley could take a line from G.W.Bush’s 2000 election campaign and pledge to restore decency to the system.

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