Great Danes

From Geraldine Brooks’ New Yorker profile of Jørn Utzon (not online):

Peter Myers said that Utzon’s perfectionism and his refusal to be rushed into anything were summed up in an anecdote – "I must have heard him tell fifteen times" – about the Danish furniture designer Kaare Klint. "Someone comes to Klint’s studio and asks him, ‘What are you working on?’ Klint replies, ‘I’m working on a chair’. Eighteen months later, the same man visits and again asks Klint what he’s working on. ‘I told you,’ Klint says, ‘I’m working on a chair.’"

I love the quote, and greatly admire the philosophy. But it would drive me mad to live by it. Which may be why I’ll never design the economic equivalent of a Sydney Opera House.

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