Boomerang Awards

Australian researchers currently working overseas may be interested in applying for one of Sydney University’s Return Awards for Expatriate Researchers. Details over the fold.

The University of Sydney has now announced a fourth round of its highly successful Return Awards for Expatriate Researchers.  This allows Australian ex-pats to spend a few months in Sydney in order to carry out collaborative research and education programmes in a wide variety of fields across the sciences, humanities and medical areas. Funds to cover cost of living, relocation and health insurance for you and your immediate family are all provided.

If you meet the criteria, please give serious consideration to applying for this fellowship. This is a great opportunity to build (or rebuild) links with the Australian research community, and get paid for your efforts!

For those of you who maintain networks or newsletters aimed at the ex-pat community, I would be extremely grateful if you could pass this information on to your colleagues.

Details are at . Applications close on 2 December, 2005.

best wishes,

Bryan Gaensler

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