New Public Holiday, Anyone?

To mark the tax filing deadline, I have an oped in the Canberra Times, arguing that the federal government could quite simply exempt most taxpayers from the need to file a return, without needing to tinker with rates or deductions. Since the average taxpayer spends 8.5 hours doing their taxes each year, this would be equivalent to another public holiday for most Australian adults.

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2 Responses to New Public Holiday, Anyone?

  1. Sinclair Davidson says:

    8.5 hours? Sounds a bit much. I just drop off an envelope at the accountants, and pay $275.

    I have the view though, that all ATO employees and their immediate familes (parents, children and siblings) should have to fill out the tax pack. This would lead to immediate simplification.

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    You’re above average, not below. The mean hourly wage in Australia is about $19, suggesting that most people would put in 14 hours doing their taxes before they’d pay what you paid.

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