Things you can do in three years

Over at Catallaxy, Andrew Norton asks – "where were you when Gough was dismissed?" Alas, it seems that most of the commenters have a better memory of things than me. Born in August 1972, the early part of my lifecycle followed that of the Whitlam Government. When she was pregnant with me, my mother wore an "It’s time" badge, and I’d only just turned three when Kerr (the man who’d been financially helped in his studies by Doc Evatt) dismissed the government. I’m sure our household was horrified by the Dismissal, though I don’t remember it.

I do, however, remember singing naughty ditties about Malcolm Fraser around the piano in the early-1980s. Some people think that Fraser has grown magnificently as an ex-PM. I disagree. Perhaps the Fraser fans could point me to a single novel, witty or incisive thing that he’s said in the past decade. Sure, he’s changed a few of his positions, but the left doesn’t need haughty patricians any more than the right does.

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