Asking the experts

We’re thinking about going off the dialup drip, and getting home broadband (wireless or DSL). We could probably restrict ourselves to around 1gig per month. Does anyone have any salient advice on choosing a service? I-Burst wireless looked reasonable at first blush – has anyone else tried it?

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  1. spog says:

    I’ve found the Whirlpool website to be a good place to get comparisons of plans and user comments. Here’s a link:

    Broadband does tempt one to download more stuff than dialup. We couldn’t manage on 1 gig these days – but I have teenagers.

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Spog, thanks for that. Having gotten used to broadband in the US, where we paid $29/month for unlimited highspeed access, the prices here are a bit fo a shock. Also, I’m perpetually confused by the fact that with TransACT (the main phone carrier in the ACT), I need to pay someone else to be my ISP – and hence the price that Whirlpool quotes me is only about half of my total broadband bill. Is this normal in Australia? I tell you, it’s all very confusing to a simple lad like me….

  3. Sinclair Davidson says:

    I have the iPrimus 500mb plan for $29.95 (could be wrong on the price). I’m happy with it.

  4. spog says:

    I’ve never come to grips with Transact pricing either. They seem very expensive when you factor in the ISP costs on top.

    I use Netspace and my landline is Telstra. We are data hogs, so we have a 10 gig plan(5 peak, 5 off peak). It’s also fast – 1.5 Mb as opposed to the usual 256 or 512 plans. We like it, so we’re happy to pay the $59 a month it costs.

    I guess if you’re using Transact for your phone then maybe you’re stuck with their pricing, otherwise the Whirlpool costs are what you’ll pay (plus your landline).

  5. Matt Canavan says:

    I don’t pretend to be an expert but I am very happy with Internode. Great service and uncomplicated plans. They are probably a little bit more expensive than the big guys: Optus at the moment seems to have very cheap plans.

    I used to be with Transact and their pricing is confusing (and unique to Canberra) but about on par with other providers. Their customer service is terrible though.

  6. John Quiggin says:

    You always need more bandwidth than you think you will. Go for the 10-gig plan.

    Transact seemed like pretty good value to me when you factored in the free phone line. But that was a few years ago, when the general price level for broadband was higher.

  7. Claire says:

    My parents have TransAct and Webone and are very happy with it. I don’t know what plan they’re on though.

  8. Andrew Leigh says:

    Thanks for all this advice. I really appreciate it.

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