Ecstatic to be home

Leslie_scarfLeslie_noscarfAfter her trial for drug possession, Australian model Michelle Leslie flies into Sydney today. I couldn’t help noticing that the devout Muslim seems to have adopted a new look since her release.

Update: Since I posted this on Sunday, plenty of others have made the same point. Some, however, seem upset by it. I don’t see it that way. The only reason you’d pretend to be a particular religion when charged with a crime is if you think the court is biased towards people of that religion. If the court is unbiased, it doesn’t matter. If the court is truly biased, then we should hardly blame defendants who appeal to their prejudices.

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7 Responses to Ecstatic to be home

  1. Sacha Blumen says:

    Why should people be upset that she did something (which may or may not have been genuine) to improve her chances in court? Isn’t it just another example of doing something to gain the best chance of an outcome favouring herself, which is what people do all the time?

    She might have just been playing the game.

  2. Yobbo says:

    I don’t see how it’s all that different to a construction worker who wears a suit to answer his drunk driving charges. Mind you, I’ve seen plenty of muslim girls wear more revealing getup than that, especially in Indonesia and Hong Kong.

  3. michael leigh says:

    My information is that the bench in her case were not Muslim. Either she was badly advised, or was not playing to the Court at all and should be given the benefit of the doubt this time.

  4. Jason Soon says:

    I have to agree with Yobbo here. I have seen Malay girls dress a lot skimpier than that. Who are all these Muslims complaining in Australia about her about-face? probably a bunch of Wahhabi fanatics

  5. Come off it, Christian churchs would cry foul in the same manner if someone professed to have converted in the hope of improving their odds at a drugs trial.

    Perhaps she was playing for the Indonesian public?

    Either way, does it really matter?

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