As someone with non-standard bookbuying tastes, I’m a big fan of buying books through the Internet. But I’m constantly amazed at the number of books that simply aren’t available through Australian online booksellers.

Admittedly, the market isn’t as hopeless as it was a few years ago. For anyone in the buying mood:

  • Here’s a site with links to most Australian booksellers.
  • Here’s a webcrawler that finds the cheapest price across eight major Australian booksellers
  • And here’s a New Zealand site that lists its books in Australian dollars, and claims to be able to get books to us cheaper because it doesn’t pay GST.

Still, I do wish that Amazon would take a leaf from its Canadian, Chinese, German, Japanese, UK and US books, and set up "". However, when I emailed them to ask about this, I merely received the staid reply:

We are always working to improve the service we provide for our international customers.  We are pleased to be able to offer customers throughout the world access to locally-released books and other items through our partner web sites. You can see a list of our international sites and product lines by clicking on the following link.

Given the rapidly-evolving nature of our business, however, we cannot currently offer further information about any future international strategy.

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  1. Phil Oye says:

    I’m moving from New York to Sydney in March and I’m dreading the lack of Amazon. Where will I get a fix for my Amazon addiction?

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Sadly Phil, I’ve given you all the Aussie websites I know about. Good luck with the move. I hope the Australian designers are funky enough for you.

  3. Patrick Henry says:

    1. Great site!

    2. Thanks for the list. Very handy. Hopefully now I can get books cheaper – or at least pay less for postage.

    3. The lot of someone with unconventional taste in books is a hard one – ever been to an Angus & Robertson lately? Ho-hum!

    Patrick Henry

  4. I left out my website…

  5. Sorry for my 3rd post in a row, but in the spirit of “if you see something, say something”, I have just finished the book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” by the eminent Jared Diamond. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the future of humankind.

  6. Sinclair Davidson says:

    sorry patrick that ones no good. guns germs and steel was good.

  7. Could not agree less, Sinclair.

    Guns, Germs and Steel blew my mind. It was a great book, and a fascinating book. The “Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee”, for example, did not compare. However Collapse, while less interesting than GGS in a dinner party conversation kind of way, was a far more important book. GGS merely established Diamond’s reputation so that his message in Collapse would be heard.

  8. Sinclair Davidson says:

    I bought Collapse on the basis of having enjoyed GGS. But was very disappointed. Also a lot of the Australian detail was incorrect. Can’t recall where I read a fact by fact refutation of the Australian chapter, but I think the IPA did it.

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