If you see something (worth reading), say something

The Australian Human Rights Centre’s magazine Human Rights Defender has a special issue on the anti-terrorism bill, which they’ve published free on their website (text-only PDF, text-plus-graphics PDF). It’s a tad breathless, and would have benefited from giving space to at least one supporter of the laws instead of just nine opponents. But does a strong job of summarising the case against the laws as presently drafted.

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1 Response to If you see something (worth reading), say something

  1. maelorin says:

    there seems to be precious few, outside of the coalition memebrs proposing the legislation, who do support the proposed new anti-terrorism legislation.

    i’ve certainly not found a colleague who disagrees with the many criticisms made by our many law societies.

    law enforcement and intelligence agencies express their support, but then the poposals increase the powers at their disposal. they’d hardly disagree with that idea.

    those of us on the other side of the room, or who are asked to explain these new measures to the public, are finding much less to be enthusiatic about.

    i look forward to reading the collection, thankyou for bringing it to my attention.

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