The Boyer Sermons

Last Saturday, Michael Duffy castigated Peter Jensen for using the Boyer lectures as a forum to proselytise. Regretfully, I tend to agree. After a wide-ranging first lecture, the second and third could almost be warmed-over sermons. Indeed, PJ seems to be returning to his favourite Sunday themes. Don’t believe me? Try googling his name with Samaritan (a theme of lecture 2), or with "son of man" (a theme of lecture 3). Each returns around 200 hits.

* On a tangential note, this 2001 dispute between Peter Jensen and Tim Costello now merits re-reading.

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1 Response to The Boyer Sermons

  1. Bryan says:

    I am not surprised that Jensen is using the opportunity to preach; after all he is an evangelical preacher. Jensen’s desire to provoke a national debate on the Jesus of the Gospels begs for bubble and squeak.

    I am more surprised that the ABS Board thought Jensen would discuss an issue of national importance.

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