Who's in the corner office?

Slide6Slide4The New York Times shows what you can do when you’re prepared to take a week pulling together some interesting statistics. In a piece on diversity, it looks at the extent to which the representation of women, racial minorities, and Ivy leaguers has changed among CEOs and politicians. As the graphs to the left show, more women, blacks and Hispanics have entered Congress. But US politicians are now more likely to be older and from an Ivy league college (which the NYT uses as a proxy for family wealth). In business, the trends are approximately the opposite. While women and racial/ethnic minorities are still very poorly represented, Ivy leaguers are less common than they once were.

With today’s expose on Rob Gerard, the AFR has shown that investigative journalism in Australia isn’t dead yet. Perhaps some enterprising journo might care to do a different kind of digging – showing us the big picture of diversity in our boardrooms and parliaments.

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