The bump in the middle of the road

Self-confessed news junkie Paul Knapp emailed me today to tell me about NewsBump,* a site he’s created that allows people to move stories up and down, according to whether they like them. Like Google News Australia, but with voting.

But unless Paul can take a feed off Google, the site will always be too slow to update with breaking news, so his idea seems likely to work better with opinion. One of my favourite bits of Crikey is "The Commentariat" section, which takes its favourite 3-4 op-eds from the day’s newspapers, and gives them each three stars out of five. But The-Commentariat-with-voting could work even better.

The only nagging question in the back of my mind is the issue recently raised by John Quiggin. In some sense, it’s good for the left and right to hear things they don’t want to hear. So here’s hoping NewsBump manages to stay in the middle of the road.

* Given the number of celeb pregnancy stories we’ve been hearing lately, I at first wondered whether the site might be dedicated to monitoring the abdomens of Aussie actresses. But it seems that particular market niche remains open.

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  1. Steve Edney says:


    The idea has antecedents in that the SMH and Age have the most read articles sections at the bottom of the web page. This is obviously slightly different to approving but somewhat similar. Today they are articles of more serious interest. Typically though whenever there is an anouncement of a celeb baby, or even better something like cheerleaders caught haveing sex in a toilet, they are invariably the most read articles.

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