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Brief Bloghiatus

I’m heading to Jervis Bay today with Gweneth’s family (via the Big Potato), so unless our beachly neighbour has an unsecured wireless network, I suspect this will be my last post for 2005. Thanks to the many people who’ve commented … Continue reading

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Kerry Packer

I didn’t want to blog on the passing of Kerry Packer immediately, since I didn’t have appropriately generous thoughts to add to the encomiums that were flowing. And indeed, praise seems to have come from many unexpected sources. Even Bob … Continue reading

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My prediction for 2006: most prognostications will be (a) obvious or (b) wrong

I was just asked by an Australian e-zine to given them my predictions on an issue for 2006. OK pundits, here is your opportunity … What are your predictions? What will be the trends for example, in housing, work, education, … Continue reading

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Iraqi reflections

The NYT asked four US service members in Iraq to talk about how they’ll be spending Christmas. Here are their reflections.

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To a man with a hammer…

…everything looks like a nail.

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How to vote? Ask your child.

Last year, Gordon Dahl and Enrico Moretti showed us that American families who have daughters are more likely to get divorced and less likely to get married. Now Andrew Oswald and coauthors have shown us that in the UK and … Continue reading

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A camera for the teacher?

Sometimes tough problems turn out to have pretty simple solutions. This one speaks for itself. Monitoring Works: Getting Teachers to Come to SchoolEsther Duflo and Rema HannaIn the rural areas of developing countries, teacher absence is a widespread problem. This … Continue reading

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