Great acronyms I have known

Andrew Norton will be glad to know that not everyone gets to sit in the lectures of his favourite academics Mirko Bagaric and James McConvill. It turns out that in order to apply for undergraduate law programs at Deakin University, you must first take the Deakin University Law School Admission Test, better known as the DULSAT.

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3 Responses to Great acronyms I have known

  1. Very amusing. Unfortunately for those dull enough to do well on the DULSAT, McConvill is off to La Trobe. Was he sacked from Deakin? How did he get the La Trobe job?

  2. Jason Soon says:

    More importantly does his move mean he has fallen out with the ‘Divine Professor of Law’?

  3. Steve Edney says:

    I was tempted to ask Jason’s question on his Blog, but thought he might disappear again. He could be just going to spread the word about Mirko’s divinity.

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