Y'know darlin, maybe we should take our honeymoon in New Zealand instead?

So much for that warm Sydney Olympics glow from a few years back. Here’s how the rest of the world is looking at Sydney right now.

CNN: Anti-Arab rioters smash cars, windows in Sydney
Fox: Race Riots Engulf Sydney
Al Jazeera: Race riots flare again in Australia
China View: 12 arrested in Australian racial attack
Forbes: Violence Rages in Australia for 2nd Night
New York Times: Racial Violence Continues in Australia (with some awful photos)

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3 Responses to Y'know darlin, maybe we should take our honeymoon in New Zealand instead?

  1. Yobbo says:

    The CNN headline is a hoot. What they really meant was “ARAB rioters smash cars, windows in Sydney”. I guess it was a “typo”.

  2. Ray Marcelo says:

    And you can add the Financial Times:

    Riots stain Australia’s image of racial harmony

  3. Christine says:

    And of course it’s in the headlines in Canada too.

    So how do I explain this to people over here? I’ve got friends who’ve asked me about applying for jobs in Australia and even before this some were worried about racism. I guess I can tell most of them not to worry, doesn’t look like East Asians are the target of any racially motivated violence just now. Or oh, you’re from ex-Yugoslavia? You should be fine. For now at least. Though if you look a bit too middle Eastern you may want to be a bit careful. Really encouraging.

    Can only hope it leads to something positive in the longer run, I guess.

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