Are the Cronulla Riots George Bush's Fault?

I guess it had to happen. Yesterday, a chain email from Robert Fletcher dropped into my inbox:

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that the simplified anti-Islam line being spouted by people in power and influence since 9-11, combined with the attacks in Bali and the ‘war on terror’ have led to this outrageous situation.

I’m plenty critical of the Howard government’s approach to national values and multiculturalism. But the weekend’s events weren’t driven by Bali, 9/11, the GWOT, America’s failure to sign the Kyoto treaty, the stalling of the North Korean peace talks, or the Hong Kong WTO meetings. Just as the recent French riots* had homegrown causes, so too the Cronulla riots have more to do with local factors than global politics.

To give Robert Fletcher his due, most of the focus of his email is on 2GB’s Alan Jones, whose role in stirring up dissent was also highlighted by David Marr yesterday and Tim Dunlop today.

* Speaking of the French riots, let’s hope the fellas with baseball bats don’t read this.

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