Two minutes for soft-boiled

Former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer gave a speech at a graduation ceremony I attended on Friday. Wait, did I say speech? Sorry, I meant a random collection of unrelated political anecdotes that served only to remind the listener of the ankle-high bar in federal politics, and of the steady death of political rhetoric over the past nine years.

In return, we gave him an honorary doctorate.

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5 Responses to Two minutes for soft-boiled

  1. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Universities should stop giving ‘honorary’ degrees. It’s an insult to those who work for them.
    Why were at the graduation ceremony anyway? Apart from those dreary ceremonies my mother forced me to attend (‘It’s not your graduation, its our graduation’), I haven’t attended another.

  2. Though Fischer is more impressive than he seems in public performances like this. I head him give a very funny after dinner speech at a private function put on for the Malaysians (when he was Trade Minister, I was there because of overseas students from Malaysia). After the dinner he wandered the room speaking to people individually, seemingly remembering who we all were despite only very rapid introductions at the start – a situation in which I usually forget most of what I have just heard. It’s easy to see why people liked him and supported him.

  3. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Andrew’s right. Maybe we’ve been too harsh on Fischer. The ability to mingle, and remember names, would be valuable for a pollie, especially a country pollie. Graduation speeches are always dreadful – in my limited experience. On the other hand, Fischer did support the PLO – something that should be more of a liability these days.

  4. Sacha Blumen says:

    An Honorary Doctorate? Ha! I wonder if he could write a passable first year essay in any of the social sciences (including Politics 101)?

    When I was in the US a year ago, I enjoyed watching C-Span – the Congress wasn’t in session so there were military remembrances, interviews with Judges on the constitution – and the speeches were interesting! Even Bob Dole made a good possibly even stiring speech at a remembrance.

  5. kartiya says:

    Tim Fischer had the chance to be the first leader to make peace with Aboriginal people; the National Party fear mongers, the National Farmer’s Federation and Howard’s Liberals made sure he didn’t with the Wick Ammendments on native title.
    The Nationals and the National Farmer’s Federation continue to deny wage justice for bush workers, while allowing country hospitals and schools to close, causing young people to flee to the city. after living their lives in third world conditions with minimal healthcare and education, Aboriginal men die, on average, 20 years earlier than white Australians. No medals, no wreathes, no honorary doctorates for mine.

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