R & R

We spent the weekend in Sydney, catching up with friends, and attending the wedding of lawecon friends Rosalind Dixon and Richard Holden. A delightful day, made all the more entertaining by the happy couple’s willingness to bring their academic passions into the ceremony. As one of the readings, lawyer Ros chose a passage on marriage from a judgment of Justice Cameron of the South African Court of Appeal (surprisingly moving, as it turned out), while economist Richard began wrapping up his speech with: "as my friend Emir touchingly points out, marriage really is a two-sided matching problem". Definitely one couple who’ll never be lost for words over the dinner table.

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  1. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Edwin Cameron was a professor of law at Wits University prior to becoming a judge. One dark night he reversed into my car in the staff parking lot and given it was dark and nobody saw him nonetheless did the honorable thing by leaving a note. He also went on to be Chairman of the University Council (as an alumni elected member). I am surprised, however, that he was able to write a moving commentary on marriage, not having been married himself.

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