How to vote? Ask your child.

Last year, Gordon Dahl and Enrico Moretti showed us that American families who have daughters are more likely to get divorced and less likely to get married. Now Andrew Oswald and coauthors have shown us that in the UK and Germany, people with daughter are more likely to be left-wing. Oswald’s results are particularly robust since he also uses fixed effects models, meaning that after parents have a daughter they are more likely to switch from right to left than if they have a son.

Of course, it would be nice to see these two sets of results put together. Is the reasons that daughter make people more left-wing because they break up families, and singles are poorer? Or do left-wingers feel less need to tie the knot (or keep the knot tied)?

If the results hold for Australia, will "breed early, breed often" Peter Costello now begin calling for people to employ Shettles’ method for raising the chances of having sons?

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