Iraqi reflections

The NYT asked four US service members in Iraq to talk about how they’ll be spending Christmas. Here are their reflections.

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  1. Al Quarterman says:

    It is always important to remember that irrespective of the politics of the invasion of Iraq (or any other conflict) – soldiers are just ordinary people who do an extra-ordinary job. Many of whom do the job they do because there are not (or were not) other options in their lives and don’t particularly care for the politics of their leadership, but when placed in harm’s way do the best they can.

    Soldiers – like all of us, have a variety of viewpoints on war, the morality of the invasion of Iraq and any other political issue you can think of. As evidenced by one of your co-authors who has some very differing view points to many of his former peers. Today’s SMH has an interesting article on the issue of blogs by US soldiers ( that further highlights the differences between soldiers and their strategic/political leadership.

    I personally hope these four – and all their comrades, get home safe and sound.

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