Brief Bloghiatus

I’m heading to Jervis Bay today with Gweneth’s family (via the Big Potato), so unless our beachly neighbour has an unsecured wireless network, I suspect this will be my last post for 2005. Thanks to the many people who’ve commented on the blog this year – you’ve taught me, challenged me, provoked me, and at one point, made me laugh my coffee over the keyboard. Happy New Year to everyone, and I’ll be back with more postings when we return to Canberra around 7 January.

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2 Responses to Brief Bloghiatus

  1. Guy says:

    Have a good new year Andrew. I’ve enjoyed tuning in.

  2. Sacha Blumen says:

    Hope you had a great holiday Andrew and that you’re enjoying being back in the world of production. I’m finding it hard to readjust after visiting Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau.

    A thing that really struck me in Vietnam was the following: at each of the 3 temples/museums we visited, one person sold us the entry ticket and another tore the ticket – in the propaganda museum about Ho Chi Minh’s life these people stood next to each other: an entirely inefficient use of resources! I wonder if this were just a few examples of a common situation.

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