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Well Packed

For anyone with a broadband connection and a Google fetish, installing the Google Pack is highly recommended.

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Mobile phones, the cigarette lighter of the new millennium

Just before we left Canberra, Gweneth and I saw Canadian/Australian Xavier Rudd perform at the ANU bar.* It struck me during the slow songs – which was most of the night – that during the late-80s/early-90s, people would’ve been holding … Continue reading

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Details, details

John Garnaut, writing in the Wall Street Journal* yesterday: "It would not be long before the benefits from not working, which are indexed to either prices or average earnings, will exceed the benefits from working," says Professor Mark Wooden, deputy … Continue reading

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Men (and Women) in Black

Gweneth and I are off to Melbourne on Friday, where I’ll be hanging around the Melbourne University economics department and business school until the end of April. Is Victoria connected to the Internet yet? If so, I might even get … Continue reading

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Divisive or Rewarding?

For more on that Houston teacher merit pay plan, check out the latest newsletter from Education Sector, a US education thinktank linked to the centrist wing of the Democratic Party. In other education news, Andrew Norton gives his $0.02 worth … Continue reading

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A Liberal Party that's worthy of the name

The Conservatives appear to have swept to power in Canada. But for the Liberals, the silver lining is the fact that Michael Ignatieff easily won his seat. Ignatieff was a professor when I was at Harvard, and is quite the … Continue reading

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ABSolutely Not

I was chatting last week with Elliott Fan, a new colleague in the SPEAR centre at ANU, who asked about how he should go about getting access to the microdata from the Australian Labour Force Survey. When I told him … Continue reading

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