Economists for Hilary?

Are economists all right-wing nutters? Not in the US they’re not. Among members of the American Economic Association, 77 donated to the Democrats in 2000, while just 12 donated to the Republicans. Go further up the totem pole (to journal authors and editors), and the pro-Democrat bias gets stronger (AER editors 9:0, JEL editors 5:0).

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4 Responses to Economists for Hilary?

  1. gringo says:

    They might be right wing nutters with a significant aversion to massive current account deficits.

  2. Bring Back EP at LP says:

    I would have thought following the Reagan/Bush1 /Bush2 years only the Democrats offer conservative economic policies!!

  3. I find that intriguing! Do economists really have a Democrat bias? Or do those subsets of economists (ones that join the Association and/or write articles) have a Democrat bias? Or are Democrat economists more likely to donate money? Or is it something else altogether…

  4. Andrew Leigh says:

    David, would you be less surprised if I reported to you that most US academics are left-wing, and economists are no exception?

    And to answer your question, these guys may not be a random slice of the profession (consulting economists are probably less likely to join the AEA), but they’re certainly the best.

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