Suggested talking points for your next cab ride

The latest issue of EconJournalWatch has a neat synthesis (PDF) by Adrian Moore and Ted Balaker of the economic literature on regulation of the taxi industry. Their conclusion:

Two out of three articles on taxi-market policy by economists find taxi deregulation beneficial, and their judgments expressed in their writing show that a strong majority support deregulation. That some articles judge deregulation negatively arises in part from deregulation not having gone far enough. Also, there are unresolved issues about whether rules limiting airport services should be deemed “intervention,” and about the effect of deregulation on the largely-unobserved illegal market.

Our own judgment is that taxi deregulation can work well when done right. We hope this body of research will begin to weigh against the rent seeking and bureaucratic self-interest that currently dominates the making of taxi-market policy.

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5 Responses to Suggested talking points for your next cab ride

  1. The Economist magazine some years ago ran an article noting the correlation between:

    – A deregulated taxi industry in major cities


    – Government intervention in the economy in general.

    Surprisingly, countries with very regulated taxi industries in their major cities (eg, UK, the USA) tended to be those with fewer Government economic interventions than in countries with free-for-all taxi services (most Third World nations).

  2. Bring Back EP at LP says:

    What did Keynes say?

    The only two thing not to worry about is death and taxis?

  3. I’m sure Adrian the Blogging Cabbie made a submission to a NSW Deregulation Inquiry or somesuch and posted his submission somewhere over at

  4. Andrew Leigh says:

    Or death and taxidermy, if you’re an attractive small animal…

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