A newly-married lawyer friend just emailed this glorious contribution to the rise in assortative matching.

UrghLawyers in Love is the premier online dating site for single lawyers, law students, and legal professionals. If your schedule makes it difficult for you to meet people, if you are still working or during happy hours and other social events, if weekends are devoted to writing briefs or studying for your next law school exam, you will love this unique opportunity to find romance on the Web.

It’s ok, 18-hour days are normal – really they are….

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3 Responses to LOL @ LIL

  1. weak as. Real talented upward trajectory wonks go to The Altlasphere’s Online dating Service. Connecting admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

    At last an online dating service for the intellectually superior, confident, non-altruistic, self interested, self assured, successful, thrusting, rational, wealthy, architects and railroad tycoons. No mixed economy wusses, skeptical waverers, tax urging collectivists, mystical god believers, Kantian nihilists or those weak of intellect need apply.

  2. PHIL says:

    One might expect a lot of declaiming but not too much conversation chez atlasphere, eh?

  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    Presumably they have a post-coital section of the website, under the link “Atlas Shagged”.

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