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I’ve always thought Michael Jeffrey, our current GG, was a policy lightweight, whose best quality was that unlike his predecessor, he didn’t take a casual attitude to kiddie-fiddling. But now it turns out that he’s perfectly willing to inject himself into the republican debate, today criticising the Australian Republican Movement’s latest campaign. I’m more comfortable than most people about the GG talking about policy in general (those of us who liked it when Deane spoke out can hardly do a 180 degree turn with Jeffrey). But it helps if the GG has something pithy or new to say about the issues of the day. Jeffrey seems to have a keen affinity for the hackneyed line and the unoriginal idea, and no sense of what ought to remain off limits.

Overall, Jeffrey seems best summed up by his local church, who said in 2003:

A God-fearing Western Australian now heads Australia’s top post of the Governor-General. A Republican and ex-SAS chief, Maj-Gen Michael Jeffrey, is known as a people’s governor during his term at the state’s helm (1993-2000). He has addressed the popular Governor’s Breakfast annually during his time with stirring faith-based messages.

A conservative with a keen sense of justice, G-G Jeffrey, often made stands that gone beyond the normally expected boundaries expected of a head of state. His religious viewpoint has evangelical undertone though he is not known to profess a denominational preference.

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  1. Sacha Blumen says:

    He shouldn’t react to the ARM’s event as if it were something about him personally. Nor should he say much about whether Australia should be a republic or a constitutional monarchy – it’s not about him.

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