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Bangalore Calling

From The Education Sector, a DC-based education policy thinktank, comes some good news for both India and America. Led by Thomas Friedman, our national prophet of globalization, many commentators are warning that failure to improve our school system will lead … Continue reading

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The smell of nitro in the morning

Canberra has just finished paying host to the annual Summernats meeting, in which petrolheads from across the east coast of Australia come here to show off their modified cars, and compete in the "burnout masters" and "go to whoa" competition. … Continue reading

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Smoking and Substitution Effects

I mentioned in December a paper by our visitor Francesca Cornaglia, showing that banning smoking in bars increases passive smoking by children at home. It’s now out as an ANU discussion paper (PDF).

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Can Tax Cuts Increase Goverment Revenues?

I spent some time last year discussing the suggestions from various Australian politicians and commentators that a tax cut could increase government revenue. Now, a short report (PDF) by the US Congressional Budget Office’s Ben Page models a 10% income … Continue reading

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Sororities Up, Frats Down

A fascinating paper by Claudia Goldin and Larry Katz looks at why women outnumber men in US universities (as they do in Australia). For every man graduating from a 4-year college in the US, 1.35 women graduate.* Their abstract: Women … Continue reading

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Does the Death Penalty Deter?

I mentioned a few weeks ago a paper by John Donohue and Justin Wolfers looking at the econometric evidence on the death penalty. It’s now online (PDF).

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Steve Rogers

Just back from a week on the south coast, I’m slow in commenting on the passing of league legend Steve Rogers. I remember being at Sutherland Primary School when he was in his prime, and we were obsessed by collecting … Continue reading

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