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EPP Exercises

If you’ve done all the quiz questions for this week…. You Passed 8th Grade Math Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct! Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?

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Topsy Turvy

1. The Centre for Independent Studies are calling for an inheritance tax (in the form of recovering student debts from deceased estates). 2. Labor and the Greens are opposing it. Remember, you read it here first. (FWIW, I support the … Continue reading

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To Market, To Market

For anyone interested in prediction markets, the "Prediction Markets Ecosystem" just emailed me a cluster of relevant links. They’re over the fold.

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Briand Reversed?

Mark Bahnisch notes some odd figures in Caroline Overington’s analysis of youth voting trends. I haven’t written about age patterns and the 2004 poll, but my paper on the 1966-2001 elections found precisely the opposite pattern to the one Overington … Continue reading

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Looking for a Landscape Architect?

My wife Gweneth is working at Tract, one of Melbourne’s funkier landscape architecture firms. She’s doing the landscaping plan for the Scoresby section of the Scoresby freewayMitcham to Frankston toll road. Gweneth is also interested in doing some work on … Continue reading

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EPP – additional articles of interest

According to The Age, the 2006 Australian census will take an initial step towards counting unpaid work (see also Andrew Norton’s take on this). An article in the latest issue of Foreign Policy discusses the question of how long growth … Continue reading

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Treasury Too Busy Preparing Budget to Download Information From Internet

Peter Costello has asked two prominent businessmen to prepare a table setting out how Australia’s tax rates compare with other countries. According to the Age: Mr Costello said it was important to internationally benchmark the Australian tax system to show … Continue reading

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