Protectionism Lives!

Sad news today for those of us who regularly fly to the US, with the federal government blocking Singapore Airlines’ application to ply the trans-Pacific route. A generation after we began phasing down tariffs on clothes and shoes made in Southeast Asia, it seems we still can’t bring ourselves to allow one of the region’s leading airlines to compete on a level playing field with Qantas and United.

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5 Responses to Protectionism Lives!

  1. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Not that I’m opposed to executing drug dealers, or that I’m in favour of protectionism, but … The Singaporeans didn’t really think that they’d get the LA route after embarrassing the Australian government last December. Did they? Did you?

  2. Bring Back EP at LP says:

    I remember one Johnnee howard as Business and Consumers Affairs minister.

    So does one Ron Bannerman.

    Why is anyone surprised?

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