EPP Exercises

If you’ve done all the quiz questions for this week….

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!
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2 Responses to EPP Exercises

  1. Ian Holsman says:

    That’s the American System.. this is a german one (~grade 5 I think)

    From: Matthew Langham: Cows, horses and sheep
    There are cows, horses and sheep on a meadow. Not counting the cows, there are 12 animals. Not counting the horses, there are 22 animals. Not counting the sheep there are 26 animals.

    How many animals of each kind are there on the meadow. You may only solve this using educated guesswork and trying to arrive at a solution by adapting your guess (i.e. no computer, no algebra). How did you get to the solution?

    (This is one of my daughter’s – age 10 – maths homework for today)

  2. Steve Edney says:

    There are four more horses than sheep (26-22), and 12 horses and sheep put together so there is 8 horses, 4 sheep, and 18 cows.

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