Oh Behave!

The latest issue of the Harvard magazine has an article on behavioural economics. Unsurprisingly, it overemphasises the role of Harvard academics in the research, but it’s still a good introduction to the field. My favourite quote is this one from [former] Harvard Prez Larry Summers:

Although behavioral economists teach at Stanford, Berkeley, Chicago, Princeton, MIT, and elsewhere, the subfield’s greatest concentration of scholars is at Harvard. “Harvard’s approach to economics has traditionally been somewhat more worldly and empirical than that of other universities,” says President Lawrence H. Summers, who earned his own economics doctorate at Harvard and identifies himself as a behavioral economist. “And if you are worldly and empirical, you are drawn to behavioral approaches.”

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2 Responses to Oh Behave!

  1. Larry hasn’t shown a lot of worldliness lately!

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Mate, I think that’s a criticism better directed at those who brought him down.

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