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More bull than bullseye

An article in today’s Oz has Newspoll boasting that their polls for the South Australian election “hit the bullseye”. Bold stuff for a company who had Labor winning with 52% of the two-party vote a month out from the 2004 federal election, and … Continue reading

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Coming soon….

This blog will be kicking off sometime during the next week. Meanwhile, check out my existing blog, or my academic website.

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Sitting in Metal Tubes, Thinking About How Far the Apple Falls From the Tree

I’m going to be offline for a few days, heading over to a conference in Mannheim, Germany, to present a paper on levels and changes in intergenerational inequality in Australia. The paper involves estimating father-son earnings correlations, using occupations as … Continue reading

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Advertising mulesings

The latest Australian tourism campaign, "So where the bloody hell are you?" has fallen foul of the British because of the word "bloody", and now the Canadians because of the word "hell". Surely it can’t be long before the New … Continue reading

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Free Ideas

I’m speaking at the Brisbane Festival of Ideas next week. In case anyone north of the border is interested in popping along, the full program is here. Thanks to generous sponsorship from the state government, most sessions are free.

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A Grand Night at the G

Amazing session at the athletics last night. I had gone along thinking that the highlight would be seeing Asafa Powell, the current world record holder, run the men’s 100m. He was powerfully impressive, but well off his world record pace … Continue reading

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Sullivan Beats New York Times Downunder

According to Crikey, Domain registrar Melbourne IT are responsible for ditching Richard Neville’s hoax mockup of the PM’s website (Google snapshot here). I’m no great fan of the old conspiracy theorist, but it would be nice if Australia took a … Continue reading

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