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John Kenneth Galbraith’s NYT obituary is definitely worth reading. Like most progressive economists, I enjoyed his books, but I’ve never found anything to cite in them. Even by the 1970s, economics was moving in a much more formal direction. But he … Continue reading

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Elderly drivers

The awful events in Bathurst yesterday, where an 82-year old backed her car into a group of bystanders, injuring ten, raise the really tough question: how many of us would be willing to tell an elderly relative that they shouldn’t … Continue reading

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The $64,000 question. Literally.

In Australia, we typically don’t tell parents the average test score in their neighbourhood primary school. In the US and UK, this information is considered public information, and its annual publication is routine. I had a bit to say about … Continue reading

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The Black Stuff

Turning on CSPAN in my hotel room today, it’s extraordinary to see the number of silly proposals that have been prompted by rising oil prices. So in the Australian context, it was rather nice to see that Nicholas Gruen and … Continue reading

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Best Read B Schools

SSRN has a ranking of non-US business schools, based on the number of papers by faculty that were downloaded. Full list over the fold

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How does a 76000% tax rate affect taxpayer behaviour?

Bruce Chapman and I have released a paper looking at the effect of the HECS repayment threshold. In 2003-04 (the most recent year we looked at), earning $1 over the threshold reduced your post-tax income by $760, making it – … Continue reading

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Solomons News

An anonymous friend in Honiara writes: New Solomons PM Snyder Rini resigned this morning after two more members of his coalition crossed the floor. Two others had switched sides last week after the riots so even with two opposition members … Continue reading

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