EPP update

  • The exam will now be 2 hours rather than 3 hours (though still, alas, closed book)
  • A combined quiz, covering the material in the Wed and Fri classes, is now on the course website.
  • For those interested in knowing more about the tax debate, it’s worth checking out the Parliamentary Library’s summary of tax-cutting proposals over the past year.. On the right, the CIS papers are a useful read. I know of nothing comparable on the left, though Nicholas Gruen has a neat take-down of the argument for aligning the personal and company tax rates.
  • On an unrelated topic, the latest issue of the Australian Economic Review has a neat summary of the important trade & aid debate.
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1 Response to EPP update

  1. Patrick says:

    Since I can’t comment on that site, I’ll just note here that the neatest part of N Gruen’s ‘take-down’ is the distance between his understanding of small business tax planning (useful for getting the kids on AUSTUDY, apparently) and reality. Most acutele lacuna is the comparison between the small businessperson/incorporated earner v the salaried earner. Basically, in non-lalaland, the former pays 30% full stop and invests in pre-tax dollars, whilst the latter gets a half-price laptop and cheap car.

    Who cares if it is ‘fair’ or ‘important’ or whatever for the small-businessperson? Her mate at the accountancy/government/legal partnership/large firm/whatever is treated very differently on a pretty specious-seeming ground, and this generates resentment in a key part of both parties’ electorates.

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