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Two grubs don't make a butterfly

Double standards don’t get much better than this. From last Thursday’s Hansard: Mr ABBOTT (Warringah—Leader of the House) (12.34 pm)—I move: That that snivelling grub over there be not further heard. Opposition members interjecting— The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Lindsay)—Order! Members … Continue reading

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Call for papers – workshop on the economics of teacher quality

I’m running a workshop on the economics of teacher quality at ANU on 5 February 2007. If you know of anyone who might be interested in presenting, please draw their attention to the call for papers.

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The web ate my email

I’ve been getting reports today about emails going astray. If you wrote to me in the past few days, and I haven’t replied, feel free to resend.

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Charity begins at home, but doesn't end there

John Quiggin has information on an appeal to assist victims of the Yogykarta earthquake. Equally, I’m sure Oxfam Australia will make good use of your money.

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Does RBC stand for Really Busy Cutting taxes?

When he meets Peter Costello tomorrow, Nobel Prize-winning economist Ed Prescott will apparently argue in favour of more tax cuts. So far as I’m aware, Prescott never met a tax cut he didn’t like. And, at least according to Brad … Continue reading

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Drawn, hung, and quartered

The Archibald Prize for portrait painting is in the courts again. In 1943, William Dobell’s win was challenged in the basis that it was a caricature, not a portrait. Now, Craig Ruddy, the 2004 winner, is being challenged on the basis that his … Continue reading

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Economics for Government – Help on the Essay

With a little over two weeks to go before the essay is due, this seems the right time to mention that the ANU Academic Skills and Learning Centre is an excellent place to visit if you’re not comfortable with academic … Continue reading

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