What a game. As one of the SMH commenters put it, “all hail Tim Cahill”.

According to Centrebet, we’re now the 12th most likely team to win the Cup. Overnight, the Socceroos’ odds dropped from 80:1 to 51:1.

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4 Responses to Yahwoo!

  1. Guy says:

    Well, we deserved to win – we outplayed Japan for most of that game. Of course I don’t think anyone would have predicted with seven minutes left on the clock that Australia would walk out 3-1 winners. Astonishing stuff.

  2. Kate Le Strange says:

    Tim Cahill and John Alioisi both did a great job in scoring, but lets not forget the rest of the team, on the field for most of 90 mins in over 30C humid conditions, who worked the Japanese players into the ground. This provided the environment for the fresh strikers to come on and score.

    It was a great team effort, and the strategy paid off. But will it work against Croatia?

  3. Corin says:


    Wasin a pub in London Bridge and the place went bannas – it was packed full of Aussies.

    I think a Q Final appearance would be a real success and more than I am expecting. I think we’ll get through the group phase though with a win over Croatia.

    That said, Japan looked lively down the right, and I would expect a quality finishing team to exploit that heavily. Hiddink needs a solution there. Oz looked vulnerable to the counter-attack, I think it would be frightening if we play against Thierry Henry for instance.

    As we have Brazil next, our standard will be tested. I think we’ll perform well though. Anything better than 2 goals separating the teams would be acceptable if we control parts of the game.

    I thought Argentina looked outstanding. The big games in the groups – at least in terms of potential winners are Argentina v Holland and Italy v Czech R.

    I think the Czechs have an oustanding mid-field in Roziscky, Neved, and Poborsky. Italy got a bit lucky but Toni was class. I think that match could be one of the best in the tournament.

    I’ll be bold and say Czechs will beat Italy, and Argentina will beat Holland. I like the Argies to go all the way – but like Holland they are known for team bust ups.

    I’d love to say England can win it – but with Rooney and Owen being under question – they need some luck and all their mid-field firing. No doubt though that Gerrard, Lampard, Cole and Beckham are (if playing well together) the best European mid-feld in the competition. England have many match winners which is very unusual for them but they looked awful against Paraguay.


  4. Bring Back EP at LP says:

    Even better than Uruguay.

    This team has talent, self belief and big Mo.

    Japan and Croatia will fight each other to a standstill to win.

    We can beat Italy and then France but bomb out in the Semis.

    After-all Guss has that record!

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