More Baby Bonus news:

I will, I promise, post on other topics soon. If I’m starting to repeat myself, I blame it on today’s date (20.06.2006)

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  1. Christine says:

    Am I the only one who hates the one for mum, one for dad and one for Australia line? Pete Costello obviously thinks he’s on a winner with it.

    Also, if that’s what we want, why not a bigger bonus for kid number 3? Maybe it’s cheaper to get an additional child out of a couple who are already committed to having a family than it is to get an additional child out of people who aren’t that keen on kids at all? And do you need to subsidise kid number two, given how few people apparently want only the one?

  2. Patrick says:

    Been there done that Christine – large families supplement for familes with four or more children now available for three or more children.

    About 5AUD a week, so 250pa (248.20AUD this year but these are indexed) for each child after the third (after the second next year).

    If you kids are within 3 years of each other, that means 6 years of the supplement, which at 1250AUD is not bad. Back in the day, my mum would have earned it for 18 years, and twice for 14 of them and thrice for 10 of them! That makes 44 x 250 = 11,000AUD – wait ’till I tell her that 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    Thanks for the update, Patrick. Obviously just not paying enough attention! My mum would have done rather well out of all the payments too, though not so well as yours I think. That said, I do recall child benefits from when I was a young ‘un – mum and dad put the $ in a bank account for us, which was all very exciting when interest rates were in the double digits.

  4. Patrick says:

    An excitement your parents may well have preferred do without!

    I think the government deserves considerably credit that someone commenting in ignorantia asks why they haven’t done exactly what they have done, though. That can’t happen that often.

  5. cba says:

    “If I’m starting to repeat myself, I blame it on today’s date (20.06.2006)”

    my son was born that very day (yes, tuesday just passed).

    is a baby born in the US to Australian citizens eligible for the baby bonus? if so, i should have told my wife to cross her legs for 10 days as a rational financial economist.

    big storm in DC the day of her labor – maybe another wives tale to test out, Andrew, in addition to the lunar cycle? (although you’d need historical regional data on births and weather information)

  6. cba says:

    oops – 11 days (not 10). i blame lack of sleep

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