Televisions, Toasters and Tabloids

Showing that Laura Norder still runs criminal justice policy, NSW Premier Morris Iemma today caved into a story in the Daily Tele by taking away Ivan Milat’s toasted sandwich maker and television.

So far, the debate has been about whether Milat “deserves” them. But perhaps the better reason to allow long-term prisoners to be allowed luxuries is that it makes prison staff safer. Without any incentives for better behaviour, prisoners whose files are marked “never to be released” are more likely to harm their jailers.

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4 Responses to Televisions, Toasters and Tabloids

  1. Christine says:

    Bread and water and no sunshine, Andrew – on that diet, no way he’s going to be any sort of threat to anyone. But I would have thought TV was relatively innocuous, just so long as prisoners don’t have access to those video games that turn you into a criminal …

  2. Sacha says:

    It’s appalling, but unfortunately not surprising, that decisions appear to be made on very weak bases.

  3. Yes. Those with nothing to lose have nothing to lose. Melbourne’s Jika Jika showed that.

    Some of the usual dickheads vox popped on tv seemed to wish Milat was held naked in a freezing cell with a bucket of coldwater thrown over him every hour and someone flogging him with a cat-o-nine tails every second day.

    There was one impressive father whose son had been murdered who spoke sense and even gave time to rehabilitating prisoners.

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