Empires, Sheriffs and Conspiracy Theories

Jason Soon links to John Pilger’s latest loopy conspiracy theory piece in the New Statesman (full text here), alleging that Australia engineered the East Timorese shennigans so as to engage in empire-building in the Pacific.

I’d like to think that Pilger could only get his piece into print by submitting to the New Statesman (which presumably knows about as much about East Timor as I know about Islington pubs). But I fear the moment I say that, it’ll crop up on the oped pages of some Aussie broadsheet or other.

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3 Responses to Empires, Sheriffs and Conspiracy Theories

  1. WeekbyWeek says:

    Does anyone (still) take Pilger seriously.

    Alkatiri was a gun runner!

    Completely agree with Catallaxy’s comment: “And the recent troubles there are a function of the sort of incompetence that happens when revolutionaries become administrators “

  2. Russell Hamilton says:

    A lot of people take John Pilger seriously – he sells well and wins prestigious awards. Doesn’t mean he’s always right, but you have to make allowances for the fact that he doesn’t just rehash what’s already known – he investigates and tries to understand and expose what hasn’t been clear beforehand.

    “I’d like to think that Pilger could only get his piece into print by submitting to the New Statesman ” – not necessarily, I bet Green Left Weekly would publish it !

  3. tony says:

    The real problem here is doubt – depending on one’s world view, John Pilger may or may not be loopy, but is there anyone out there who can say with certainty that he’s 100% wrong? Given the relentless revelations of the “behind the scenes” machinations in recent world political history (where the suppression of truth and promotion of lies to strengthen political power and bolster public morale, and the lavish use of financial and “humanitarian” aid as tools of coersion beggar belief), it is sadly not beyond the realms of possibility that Australia dabbles in a little covert power-play – just wonder for a moment what might really be going on in our current interactions with Indonesia……

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